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In the Art Department, we strive to realise the artistic and imaginative potential of all our students.

We believe that, with the right stimulus, all young people can develop as creative individuals, who can express their ideas and feelings confidently and skilfully.
We seek to harness their natural energy and enthusiasm, and channel it towards a growing set of skills, knowledge and expressive outcomes.


The Art Department is housed in 2 spacious, purpose-built art rooms, which are equipped to a high standard for the many arts and crafts which we offer: including painting, photography, sculpture, computer-aided design, print-making and ceramics.


At KS3, an exciting and varied curriculum offers students a wide range of media and processes, including photography, sculpture, computer-aided design, print-making and ceramics, as well as providing a solid grounding in drawing skills.

Students learn about the arts and crafts of different times and cultures, and to use the elements of art to communicate what they see, feel and think.

Topics which students cover at KS3 are: The Art of India, Colour, Ceramics, Still Life, Totem Poles, Constructivist Art, The Renaissance, Portraits and Masks.

Students have one hour-long Art lesson, and there is one homework task per week at KS3.

Beyond the curriculum, students have opportunities to work with visiting artists and enter local and national Art competitions. Students’ work is displayed and celebrated around the school and in the wider community.


Art is a popular and successful optional subject at KS4; students have five lessons per fortnight, and build upon their KS3 experience to explore a more diverse range of practices in greater depth, including visits to exhibitions. Students work with greater independence to produce exciting and personal responses in a wide range of media and styles.

Why choose GCSE Art?

GCSE Art offers a varied and exciting course, in which you will have the opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of media. The course will suit people who love drawing and making, and who are committed to working hard at expressing their own ideas in original and creative ways. We offer scope for independent study to students, and a well-resourced and structured curriculum, so that all can achieve their personal best. GCSE Art students are offered opportunities to visit galleries and to work with professional artists.

Course Outline

In this course, you will produce a portfolio consisting of two units of work, exploring a different theme in each.

You will learn to develop your own ideas through creative experimentation with various media, investigations into the work of established artists and artistic traditions, and developing skills in drawing in all its forms.

You will explore a wide range of artistic media, including photography, digital media, sculpture, painting and print-making and produce at least two major ‘Final Pieces’ in the media of your choice.

At the end of the course, there is an externally-set task which is the Art equivalent of an exam. This takes place in Term 4 of Year 11, and you will have eight weeks to prepare your personal response to a theme chosen from the Externally Set Task paper, and two days (10 hours) in class to complete a personal ‘Final Piece’ under supervised conditions.


Your work is assessed against four criteria:

  1. Developing your ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding.
  2. Refining your ideas by selecting and experimenting with appropriate resources, media, and techniques, and processes.
  3. Recording ideas and observations relevant to your intentions in visual and/or other forms.
  4. Presenting a personal, informed and meaningful response, showing critical understanding, realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.

All the criteria are of equal importance, and you have to present all your preparatory work, as well as your final pieces, to show that you have met all of them.

Your coursework portfolio contributes 60% of your final mark, and the controlled test the remaining 40%.

Future Opportunities and Pathways

A good GCSE Art portfolio enables you to apply with confidence for a range of post-16 courses, such as AS/A Level Art and/or Photography, BTEC in Art, Media and Design, and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. 

Art qualifications are the pathway to professions such as fashion design, graphic design, interior design, product design, web design, animation, advertising, working for television, teaching, and of course, for artists and craftspeople.

For more information please speak to Mr Hicks.

Extracurricular Opportunities

At Key Stage 4, students are encouraged to attend after-school and Saturday sessions to help them improve their skills, learn new ones, and enhance their grades. Students will also have opportunities to work with visiting artists and craftspeople. GCSE students visit museums and art galleries as part of their course.

Meet the Team

Mr J Hicks

 Teacher of Art

Mrs N Aves

Teacher of Art

Mrs A Odiangu

Teacher of Art