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Broadoak College

Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College

01934 422000

Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance to school is a legal requirement; of course, every student should aim for 100% attendance, however, our minimum college target is 95% There is a clear link between attendance and achievement and we, therefore, work hard with parents and carers to ensure every child meets this target.

Only we can authorise absence and we ask you to warn us in advance if time has to be missed. We expect you to avoid making routine medical/dental appointments during the college day and also expect that no holidays will take place during term time. It is highly unlikely, other than in exceptional circumstances, holidays will be authorised by Broadoak.

If your son/daughter is absent or late due to illness or unforeseen circumstances please let us know by phone. We also ask you to call in on subsequent days, to keep us informed of the situation. Any unexplained absences will result in us contacting you. The Education Welfare Service work closely with us, students and families to monitor attendance and take action where appropriate.

We expect all students to be on time. The day begins at 8.45am when students should be in their tutor rooms ready to start. If late, students must sign in at Reception. Students can expect a follow-up after lateness. Any student who signs in after 9.30am, without an authorised reason, will be marked as ‘late after registration closed’. This means that it will be unauthorised and could result in action from the Education Welfare Service.

Reporting Absence

We ask that if your child is ill and unable to come into College that you let us know before 9.30am. This enables us to keep accurate records and stops us from contacting you.

You can report an absence using the following methods;

  • Calling Reception on 01934 422000.
  • Logging on to the School Gateway (Schoolcomms) and click on the Attendance tab
  • Sending an email to

Please be aware that at peak times reception will be busy and you may not get through; if that is the case, please use the School Gateway or Absence email to send a message before 9:30am.

Please note that this method of communication cannot be used to request time off in term time from school, this needs to be done through the usual forms which you can obtain from Reception.

We have recently revised our procedures and will be working with parents and carers to improve attendance and punctuality. This is because research has shown that regular attendance and punctuality are crucial factors for students achieving their academic potential. We are committed to providing a full and efficient education to all, encouraging all students to strive for excellence.

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