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Broadoak College

Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College

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Ready to Learn

At Broadoak, we want all students to experience high quality teaching and learning.   In term 6 we introduced a new behaviour policy (Ready to Learn) with the aim of allowing every student to learn in every lesson, without disruption.

We have 4 simple and clear expectations of students, which are:

  • Work hard and allow others to learn
  • Follow staff instructions
  • Speak politely and with respect to everyone
  • Respect the College and its environment

If students do not follow one of the four rules, a rule reminder is given by a member of staff.  If there is a further incident of disruptive behaviour, the student is removed from their classroom to spend a full school day (5 lessons) in the Inclusion Base. Here, the student is provided with appropriate work, and parents or carers are informed via text.  The student will also serve an immediate 1 hour detention until 4pm.

If the student refuses to go to RTL or continues to misbehave, the student receives a one day Fixed Term Exclusion, and the student - together with parents/carers - needs to attend a reintegration meeting before starting back at school.

Students are expected to meet these standards at all times, including when they are:

  • Taking part in any College-organised or College-related activity (outside of normal hours), or
  • Travelling to or from College, or
  • Wearing College uniform, or
  • In some other way identifiable as a student of Broadoak

Further detailed information can be found here.


Our policy also celebrates excellent attitudes to learning and contribution to College life.  Students' positive behaviour celebrated and rewarded regularly.  Students are awarded achievement points for a wide range of things including attendance, attitude to learning and citizenship.  Students' successes are celebrated in assemblies and through certificates, postcards, contact home.  One of the highlights of the College year is our annual Awards Evening in which student attainment, progress and Citizenship is celebrated.

Please click here to view our Behaviour Policy.