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Broadoak College

Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College A High Performing Specialist School

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Behaviour for Learning

Broadoak College is committed to ensuring that all members of the College community achieve their ‘Personal Best’.  We aim to create a secure, focused and calm learning environment within a culture of understanding and support for each other. Through recognition and reward of positive contributions, students are valued and motivated to focus on their learning, enabling them to maximise their abilities, ambitions and academic potential.

Students are expected to demonstrate positive behaviour towards staff, other students and all members of the College community. To do this, they should:

  • Arrive to all lessons on time and with correct equipment
  • Speak to everyone politely and with respect
  • Take responsibility for their learning
  • Follow staff instructions
  • Care for the College environment

Students are expected to meet these standards at all times, including when they are:

  • Taking part in any College-organised or College-related activity (outside of normal hours), or
  • Travelling to or from College, or
  • Wearing College uniform, or
  • In some other way identifiable as a student of Broadoak


Positive behaviour for learning is celebrated and rewarded regularly.  Students are awarded achievement points for a wide range of things including attendance, attitude to learning and citizenship.  Students' successes are celebrated in assemblies and through certificates, postcards, contact home.

More details can be found in the Policy or in the students' planners.

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