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Morocco Expedition Team 2 October 2015

Team 2 began in Marrakech and then travelled up the valley to a small village called Arund, which sits next to a river, surrounded by mountains. We could see the snow-capped mountains around us and found out that because of the early snow, we would not be able to get to the top of Toubkal (4200m) however disappointing it was the students were still excited about the prospect of climbing up the base camp at 3500m.

The climb was tricky (6 hours walking up hill) and acclimatising to the altitude was tiring. However, the team managed to get to the base camp in time to put the tents up before the cloud came over. We enjoyed sitting next to the fire before having dinner and then braved ourselves for sleeping in our tents! It dropped down to -5 in the night, in the morning Jamie told Mr Gray and myself that she spent the whole night trying to stay alive!

To the students’ relief the decision was made to load the mules and make our way back down the mountain.

The expedition was truly life changing for our students, they had the chance to trek in extreme environments, interact with people from a very different culture. The experience also gave them a chance to play an active part in helping out in their communities.

The outlook staff commented on the way the positive was Broadoak students interacted with the Moroccan children in the village we were staying in, they played games, plaited each other's hair and taught them English.

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