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More Able & Talented


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At Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, we believe in providing challenging learning experiences for students of all abilities. We do recognise that students will naturally have different aptitudes for different subjects.  Every student, whether or not they have an academic, sporting or creative aptitude, has the right to be stretched and to develop their expertise to the maximum in each subject area.


Our More Able and Talented students are identified as those in the top 5-10% of the whole school, using CATS and Key Stage 2 results. More Able and Talented students will also be identified by staff within departments, using subject specific criteria.

When a student is identified as being More Able and Talented, teacher guide lines are created showing the student’s preferred learning styles; these are then shared with the student’s teachers and parents.

Once identified, each subject and faculty will adapt schemes of work and lesson plans to meet the needs of more able and talented students. Where students are exceptionally talented or gifted, provision will be personalised according to their area of skill.

Tracking and Monitoring

Students’ progress and achievement in lessons is tracked after every data entry against their target grade by our More Able and Talented Co-ordinator. 

If students are underachieving, they are supported by regular 1:1 sessions with the More Able and Talented Co-ordinator.   In these sessions, students look at strategies they can use to help support them with making better progress in lessons.

Wider opportunities

Opportunities for More Able and Talented students to challenge themselves out of the classroom are provided through subject and whole school extracurricular activities, trips and conferences such as:

  • Visits to universities.
  • Student Voice.
  • Competitive sports teams and activities.
  • Targeted extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Student leadership opportunities.

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