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Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College

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"Battle of the Bands" 2016


We are very much looking forward to this year’s “Battle of theBands” taking place on 31st March. All entries must be made no later than Wednesday 10th February.

If you wish to book a rehearsal room, please see the guidelines below.

You can only pre-book one lunchtime slot per week and two after school slots. If available, additional bookings can be made from 3pm the day before.

  1. Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance
  2. There is a priority system to ensure all year groups have the same opportunity. If bookings have not been made by 3pm the day before, it will be open to other students. Priority will go to:

Monday: Year 11          Tuesday: Year 10          Wednesday: Year 9     Thursday: Year 8          Friday: Year 7

  1. All students using the booked room must have their names on the booking sheet and the permission slip that can be collected from Reception

Please Note: Students who are not listed will not be issued a permission slip

  1. Students who do not have a permission slip with their name on it will be asked to leave immediately
  2. Care for the College Environment: You are responsible for the condition of the room and the equipment you use
  3. Take responsibility for your learning: You must use the rooms for music activities only
  4. Teaching staff may ask you to leave if they need to use the room even if you have booked it

Being allowed to use the music department rooms and equipment is a privilege. Any student who does not follow and respect the booking system and rules of use will be asked to leave immediately and risk losing this privilege for yourself and others

The Performing Arts staff and SLMT reserve the right to withdraw this privilege at any time without notice.