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Student Leadership

The school council is an elected group of students who act as a direct link between students and the staff at the school. Run by Mr Mortlock, the students discuss and give their opinions on key school development issues and events that take place in the school.

Each tutor group initially selects 2 tutor group representatives, who join together to form the year group council. The year group council is consulted by the Head of Year throughout the year about issues that are relevant to their specific year group.  Students for the School Council are elected at the start of the year from the tutor group representatives, with each year group voting for their representatives. The Head Boy and Head Girl also sit on the school council.

Head Boy and Head Girl

This year the school council has discussed the schools reward and celebration systems and has contributed to the organising of Red Nose Day, fundraising for victims of the Nepal Earthquake and Christmas Jumper day! They were also involved in the selection of the Head Boy and Head Girl.

Prefects 2015 -16


The prefects are a selected group of students in Year 11 who represent the personal best values of Broadoak College. As well as excellent attendance, punctuality and attitude to learning, prefects undergo a rigorous application process, including a letter of application with supporting statements from peers and teachers and an interview with the Headteacher.

Students who are selected as prefects receive an afternoon training session, a different tie and a pin badge to enable students to recognise them around the school. Prefects act as tour guides on Open Evening and throughout the year, support staff in break and lunchtime supervision and assist in organising the school prom and leavers books and hoodies for the year group.  This year they have also organised fundraising events to help reduce the cost of these end of year activities to ensure the whole year group can be included.

The Head Boy and Head Girl are selected from the Prefects and have to give a presentation to staff and students about why they would be suitable for the role. The Head Boy and Girl will speak to students in assemblies, give a presentation at Open Evening and sit on the school council.

Other opportunities for Student Leadership

There are numerous other opportunities for students to be involved in Student Leadership at Broadoak, including Digital Leaders, the Business Enterprise Scheme and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and we will be seeking to expand these opportunities through 2015 / 16.