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Broadoak College

Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College A High Performing Specialist School

01934 422000

Values & Vision

Mission Statement

We aim to be an outstanding College with a vibrant and innovative learning environment, where all students can maximise their abilities, ambitions and academic potential.

Values  and Vision

We strive to help young people understand the importance of tolerance and respect for themselves and for each other.The College seeks to instill in all our students the significance of their role in both the College and local community.

We prepare our young people for life as active citizens in modern Britain. We actively encourage students to be independent and lifelong learners, acquiring the key skills of resilience, perseverance and independence.

Values and Ethos

We will work proactively with parents and carers throughout their time here to ensure that students leave with the skills to help them succeed as adults.

  • We place students at the heart of the college so that they enjoy their time here and achieve across a wide range of areas.
  • We encourage students to strive for their ‘personal best’ in everything they do.
  • At Broadoak relationships matter and we foster values of courtesy, consideration and individual responsibility.
  • We aim to develop curious, knowledgeable, creative and articulate lifelong learners.
  • We actively encourage students to adopt healthy, active, and safe lifestyles.
  • We believe that success is built upon self-esteem.
  • We offer a high degree of challenge, together with a high level of support, so that all can achieve.

Personal Best

 Everyone at Broadoak College is encouraged to strive to achieve their ‘Personal Best’. Students are expected to demonstrate positive behaviour towards staff, other students and all members of the College community. To do this, they should:

  •         Arrive to all lessons on time and with correct equipment
  •         Speak to everyone politely and with respect
  •         Take responsibility for their learning
  •         Follow staff instructions straight away, the first time of asking
  •         Care for the College environment